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How to grease your hair?

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Posted on: 12/15/15

Wigs can help us to human hair wigs save the daily make up time because we can just wear it and do some easy steps.  But wigs are also need some time to make up, grease your hair is a good method. But how to grease your hair?

I will tell you an easy way, it will only take up to seven minutes, and once you get experienced, you can do it easily.

First method is washing your hair , condition it. Start in either the left , right or back side of your head, part your hair in half separating left and right sides, apply grease to the scalp closet to synthetic wigs the ear, apply on the outer side of your scalp, keep parting sections of your hair and greasing your scalp. Rub the grease in your hands and massage through to get any parts missed.

Next method is more suitable for business women. You can grease your hair at any time you would. First , clip your hair up, slide it down the line of your scalp. And then rub some more grease on your whole hand and begin to run your fingers through the section of unclipped hair. And then just repeat the process for other sections remaining.

Wig has its own style , but with time goes, wigs also need to lace wigs be cared and styled, so, just do it with me.


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